Top 5 Killer Blogspot ( Blogger ) SEO Settings 2020

Top 5 Killer Blogspot ( Blogger ) SEO Settings 2020

Top Blogspot SEO Settings to Boost Your Search Rank 2020

Blogspot seo settings is a must thing for every blogger who are using platform for blogging. So, when we are talking about SEO we must have to know, what is seo and how it works? In our todays article we are going to discuss about best blogspot seo settings 2020 and also we will learn how to seo optimized blogspot blog. These SEO settings will boost your search ranking on google. But always remember that, Content is King . So, you also have to write good stuff for your visitors. Without further a due let's get started with top 5 blogspot/blogger seo settings 2020.


Blogspot/Blogger Latest SEO Settings 2020

Before going into the main part, Let's have a look at Top 5 SEO Ranking factor for Blogspot/Blogger. SEO Boost your ranking but if you done it in a wrong way then your site cab be neglected by Search engines and your site will never be ranked on google or Bing. So, Before careful  when you are doing On Page and Off page SEO on  your site. Today we are going to setting up 5 things on our blogger dashboard for better SEO and Search Rank. 


TOP 5 Blogspot SEO Settings 2020

 #1:Basic Settings

  • Proper Title of Your Blog
  • Adding Description on Blog
  • Search Engine Privacy Settings

#2: Language and Date Formatting

  • Language Setting
  • Enable Translation for Contents
  • Select Proper Time Zone
  • Date Header Format 

#3: Search Preferences

  • Meta Description of Blog
  • 301 Proper Redirection
  • Submit and Index site into Google
  • Custom Robot.txt
  • Custom Robot Header Tags

 #4: User Setting

  • About the Author

#5: Blogspot Posting Settings

  • Adding Label
  • Proper Permalink
  • Search Description
  • Location
  • Options 

Advance Blogpot/blogger SEO Settings 2020 

#1:Blogspot Basic SEO Settings

How to set blogspot title and description

Your blog title must be easy to remember and professional. Don't make your blog title too long so that visitor can't remember it. I prefer blog title should be not more than 65 character. Blog Description plays an important role on SEO. So, be sure to add a detailed description on your blog. Also, it's very important to add your targeted keywords in the description. Because search engine crawl and see what's your blog all about. If he find relevant content on your blog, it shows that on the search page.
Top 5 Killer Blogspot ( Blogger ) SEO Settings 2020
 To do the blogspot tile & Description seo settings, At fist login to your blogger dashboard. Then navigate Setting. You will see Basic Setting option on the top of settings section. Click on that and you will get a page to add Blog title and Description. Now, Add your blog title and description. Finally click on the save button to save it. 

Search Engine Privacy

This is the most important SEO Setting for your blog.  After adding proper title and description on your blog, you must enable this option. Click on privacy, by default it enable. If you unable this option, search engine will never crawl your website. So, make sure to enable this setting. 

#2: Language and Date Formatting

Language and date formatting is another very important seo setting. Here you can change your blog default language and enable translation option to translate your blog content into different language. Besides that, you can select your own time zone for better seo support. If you target any individual country then you must play with this settings. It enhance your blog SEO. 
Top 5 Killer Blogspot ( Blogger ) SEO Settings 2020

#3: Search Preferences

What is Meta Description/Tags?

Before going further let's learn what is meta description in blogger? Basically meta description is the short description of your website. If you search a website on google, you will see some description under the website url. It's called meta description. meta description plays an important role in  seo. Let's have a look at a practical meta description example.
If you search Blogging Madad on google, you see a short descriptionunder my website url.This is meta description. In meta description we mainly add our targeted keywords. So, search bot can crawl our website very fast.

How to add meta description in blogger

  1. Login to your blogger dasahboard
  2. Goto Settings > Search Preferences here you find description under meta tags.
  3. Click on edit and write a meaningful meta description
  4. Now click Save and you are done 

How to add custom Robots.txt in Blogger

Custom robots.txt allows search bot to crawl blog content automatically. All you just need to add a custom robots.txt file on your blogger blog. And do some simple settings, so that search bot can access your blog post very easily. Besides that, If your site don't have any robots.txt file it will affect your search rank, SEO and Adsense approval. If you don't have any custom robots.txt file then please read this article, How to Add Custom Robot.txt on Blogger 2020.
Top 5 Killer Blogspot ( Blogger ) SEO Settings 2020
By default, custom robots.txt file is unable. To enable it, Just click on Edit and Check mark Yes to enable robots.txt. Here is a sample of custom robots.txt . Just remove, and add your blog url to apply it on your blog/website.
# Blogger Sitemap generated on 2020.04.05
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /

Set Custom Robots Header tags

Custom robots header tags allow and disallow search bot to index a blog post. So, it's also very important seo setting. Many new bloggers don't understand this and done a wrong setting on the header tags. So, if you are thinking of how to insert custom robots header in blogger then see the below picture.
Top 5 Killer Blogspot ( Blogger ) SEO Settings 2020
Home Page: Here in home page option you have to select All and noodp . This will allow search box to index our entire home page.

Archives and Search pages: We don't want to show archives and search pages to the search bot. Because archives and search pages urls are different from the main content. So, here you have to select noindex ,noodp 

Default Post and pages: We want search bot index our every post and page. So here we will select all and noodp.

Finally click on Save Changes to save your entire header tag settings. 

 #4: User Setting

In User settings, you can add your author bio. Lionk your social media handle. Tell people about your likes and dislikes. you can also, add your hobby, present and permanent address your interest and so on. These makes you a professional blogger and gives an impact to the visitors. 
Top 5 Killer Blogspot ( Blogger ) SEO Settings 2020

#5: Blogspot Posting Settings

Labels: Labels categorized a post and also have an great impact on SEO. When someone searh something on search engine, search bot crawl results using labels. Also, It's enable Breadcumb on a blogpost.So that visitor can easily navigate from one page to another. If your blogger template don't have breadcumb installed, the read this article, How to add Breadcumb in blogger/blogspot?

Permalink: This is the most useful and advance feature of blogger. You can add custom permalink to a blog post. by default blogger permalink is something like this,
This doesn't make any sense to an user also to the search bot. So, you can add custom permalink to your blogspot. As a example, if you are writing a article on , How to make a free Money making Blog, then we can change change the article from default and make it,
If you use custom permalink on your then not only the user but also search bot will understand it very easily.

Search Description: We have already talked about Blog Meta Description, this features allows search bot to index your blog very fast. Like that, search description is meta description of a blog spot. here you have to write what's you blog post is about and please be sure to add keyword on searxh description. 

Option Settings: Here you can allow and disallow your blog post visitor tto comment on your post or not. You can also select your blog post writing mode and also integrate HTML break tag on the post.

Custom Robots Tag: You don't have to do anything in this section.We have already done it on the setthings.

now your blog is fully seo optimized. upload good contrent, Do one page SEO and off npage SEO for better search ranking on google. Hope you enjoyed this article. If you like this article, please provide us feedback.IF you don't understand any seeting , please feel free to comment down below, i will reply ASAP!  Top 5 Killer Blogspot ( Blogger ) SEO Settings 2020 

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