Top 10 Best Cheapest Smartwatch You can Buy at 2020

What's up guys? Sakib here from Blogging Madad. So as expected we have seen some amazing new smartwatches in 2020 and in this article I will share with you my favorite picks from over a hundred different smartwatches that I have already tested this year. Now this article is going to be a guide to help you choose cheap smartwatch in india and show you what is the best out there.

So if you have no limitation in money and you want the best overall SmartWatch you can currently buy which include the best fitness tracking, the most accurate heart rate sensor, Bluetooth phone calls, third-party app support ,5 ATM waterproof, and the list goes on. So the best of the bunch we're going to begin from the bottom of the list.

#10 TICWATCH C2 (42mm) -199$

 It's nice and compact in size. AMOLED display and this is one of the cheapest smartwatches you can buy that has the efficient wear OS by Google. So number 10 TICWATCH C2

#9 ZEBLAZE THOR 5 DUAL (54mm) - 119$

So at number 9 we have the ZeBlaze Thor 5. Full Android SmartWatch, AMOLED display, built-in camera, takes a SIM card, so you can be used as a standalone smartphone watch. ZeBlaze Thor 5 is my number 9 choice.

so at number 8 we have the cosmic prime so this is a dual camer smartphone watch you can put a sim card in it's got an absolutely beautiful and large 1.6 inch screen one of the largest screens we have from all the smartwatches you're going to see and in thickness and bulkiness is actually not bad so close bit crime one of the best full Android smartwatches I have tested
this year so that is number eight.

so we're now on number seven and this is a
surprising entry this watch actually did

surprise me check this one out people
number seven is the Huawei watch gt2 I

said the fossil 5 was the most beautiful
watch you can get this one surely is a

contender for the same subject it's a
very beautifully designed SmartWatch

this is basically a souped-up fitness
tracker so you've got a very accurate

fitness tracker a whole bunch of apps
built in and this supports bluetooth

phone calls with a very beautifully
designed watch removable straps five atm

waterproof and more is running who
always platform so you can't run any

third-party applications but you do have
accurate fitness tracking a whole bunch

of watch faces you can instantly change
to Bluetooth phone calls and the actual

design of the watch is out of this world
so one of the most beautifully designed

smart watches of the year and it's an
absolute treat to put this on your wrist

so this one is number seven the huar way
watch gt2 now while we're still talking

about beauty number six is of course the
fossil Gen 5 so this was rated one of

the best looking smartwatches of the
year you have Google wear OS 5 ATM

waterproof you've got a rotating crown
for system menus removable straps it's a

very nice beautiful elegant looking
watch but if we just put them

side-by-side out of these two which one
actually looks better to you let me know

in the description box below so this is
the fossil Gen 5 at position 6 so at

number 5 we have the tick watch product
so this is the original tick watch Pro

one of the best Google wear OS
smartwatches we've ever seen but then

they went and made a sequel and made it
even better so still a great contender

for the Best Overall SmartWatch you have
the efficient Google wear OS and the

price is something that makes this one
seriously attractive so number five tick

watch pro so what do we have that number
4 put it right next to it shall we the

tick watch Pro 4G LTE the new version
slimmer lighter double the RAM so you've

got 4G LTE capabilities so it becomes a
standalone SmartWatch and uses Isom

waterproof so you can go swimming with
this one and a lot more so still running

Google wear OS it's much faster in
operation it's like blazing fast one of

the best if not the best Google wear os
SmartWatch you can currently buy so

number four we have the tick watch Pro
4G LTE model

so at number three we have the Apple
watch Series five or series four so this

is my number three best SmartWatch
overall you can buy now if you've got an

iPhone you don't really have a choice
you have to go for the Apple watch to

take advantage of all the iPhone
features so that's number three it is

still a very good watch a great
all-rounder and it's available in two

sizes so you can get 40 millimeters or
44 millimeters so that is my number

three now let's see what's number two
now if you're following the channel this

might not come to a surprise to you guys
my number two SmartWatch is the Samsung

Galaxy watch now this is the original
model the one with the rotating bezel

and there is something about that
rotating bezel which is extremely

satisfying I've actually put a custom
bezel on top so the original bezel is

just underneath and I've put a chrome
metal blue bezel on top and it's a

beautiful watch it served me well it's
five ATM waterproof it's running the

Tizen OS which is customizable there are
loads of apps that you can choose from

you can do Bluetooth phone calls text
messages you can respond to more or less

every notification you receive including
emails text messages whatsapp messages

you name it you can respond to it on
this watch and then you have the fitness

tracking the most accurate fitness
tracking comes second to the Apple watch

so this is the best all-around
SmartWatch but it's at number two it

means there is something better than
this watch I guess it's happened and the

only company that could make a watch
better than this watch it's Samsung

themselves the best overall SmartWatch
that money can buy is the Samsung Galaxy

active 2 and this watch does everything
that the original Galaxy watch does the

phone calls respond to more or less
every notification including whatsapp

text messages answer phone calls make
phone calls 5 ATM waterproof way the

watch faces are designed it gives you an
almost bezel-less look and I absolutely

love the screen quality this is actually
on the lowest brightness right now and

responsive homescreen sleep tracking
health tracking fitness

everything is automated battery life is
superb you can get two to three day

battery life very easily it is 580 M
removable straps it's the most

comfortable and the lightest watch I've
ever used

so if money is not an issue and you want
the best SmartWatch with the best

overall features Samsung Galaxy watch
active 2 is my pick for 2019 so that was

my top 10 but we're not quite finished
there the SmartWatch world is quite

extensive and forever changing and
whilst my top 10 will tell you what is

the best SmartWatch money can buy right
now but that being said in case you're

looking for something more particular
and to help you people narrow things

down I have a few more noteworthy
smartwatches to share with you guys if

you have an iphone there is no doubt the
best SmartWatch for you is going to be

the Apple watch and I highly recommend
the new series 4 or series 5 now if

you're looking for a SmartWatch of
running full Android then the best I've

tested this year has to be the post bit
prime and the Z blaze Thor 5 now the

beauty of the full Android smartwatches
is you have the full Google Play Store

you can run any Android game or app on
the back you have a SIM card slot so you

can remove the trays and you can insert
a SIM card and you can use this as a

standalone smartphone watch so
effectively make and receive phone calls

directly on the watch send text messages
you can use this as a complete

standalone device you can install
snapchat whatsapp you have cameras so

the cosmic Prime has two cameras and a
massive 1.6 inch screen and a Thor 5 has

a 1.3 9 inch screen with a single camera
so both of these smartwatches are quite

powerful they're running full Android 7
and these two watches especially gave me

the best performance and battery life
from the entire range so that's the

Kasbah prime and the z blaze Thor 5 now
the next batch of worthy mentions is

from the Google where OS now Google
where OS is the official OS for Google's

smartwatches it's probably one of the
best operating systems you can get for a

SmartWatch the best Google where our
smart watches I have to

this year are these so from right to
left we have the tick watch see - so you

have a beautiful looking watch with an
AMOLED display powered by the Snapdragon

2100 processor you have NFC ip68 rating
with removable straps and next up we

have the original tic watch Pro with a
1.4 inch dual layered display Snapdragon

chip with NFC ip68 rating and removable
straps and then we have arguably the

best looking smart watch of 2019 of
course the fossil Gen 5 now you have a

1.3 inch AMOLED display Snapdragon 3100
3atm waterproof rating removable straps

and lots more and the best from the
bunch in my opinion the tick watch Pro

4G LTE so this is the latest version of
the tick watch it has more or less all

the same features as the original model
but it's slightly slimmer and lighter

has double the RAM and supports 4G LTE
so it can be used as a standalone

smartphone with an e SIM really nice job
by tech watch releasing the newer model

and I tell you right now it's much
smoother and faster in operation than

any of the previous tick watch models so
if you really want Google wear OS here

are the watches I recommend now the next
category is quite an important one but

gets somehow overlooked by most the
small wrist category so if you've got

small wrists whether you're male or
female this is what I recommend for you

guys so starting from low end to high
end tick watch see - nice small and

light on the wrist beautiful looking
watch samsung galaxy watch active the

first model the criticize of that again
comfortable removable straps ip68

waterproof and you will see all the
specs on the screen so I'm not going to

read them out for each one that's
another good one so the Samsung Galaxy

watch original version beautiful watch
absolutely one of my favorites and it's

quite good to know that you can paint
this watch up in a much smaller size now

the next watch I actually
find the box for it's the Apple watch

Series four or five forty millimeters so
again top quality watch the best you can

get for an Apple iPhone so Apple watch
series four or series five so I'm going

to check it on top of this random box so
the best from the bunch has to be the

samsung galaxy active to this watch is
an absolute beauty it's small it's very

light it's waterproof this is currently
my favorite SmartWatch so if you have a

small wrist and you want the best then
you're looking at it right now Samsung

Galaxy active - this watch truly does it
all so those were the best smartwatches

you can buy if you have a small wrist so
before you ask me in the comments below

what is the best fitness tracker or
fitness band or here they are there are

hundreds of different wrist band fitness
tracking watches you can get but the

best I've tested all year round came
right at the end the honor band 5 and

the xiaomi band for both of these
watches are 580 m you can go swimming

color screens you've got over 14 day
battery life absolutely wonderful

fitness trackers and the price these are
currently going for i think this should

be at the top of your Christmas shopping
list so the best fitness tracking bands

I have ever used all year round xiaomi
band 4 and on a band 5 there you have it

guys I will link all of these watches in
the description box below but above all

I hope you guys found this video useful
do let me know which watch you like from

the bunch and which one you're going to
be buying for yourself for your family

member or a friend so yeah I would like
to know your thoughts meanwhile thank

you so much for watching and I hope you
all have a brilliant day I'll see you

guys in the next one

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